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Ravine is a strategic and cooperative survival card game. You and your friends survived the plane crash, but will you survive the night?

3-6 PLAYERS | 20+ MINS. | AGES 10+

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Work together to forage for food, craft a fire, and build shelters, but be wary: every step you take in the Ravine could be one step closer to madness. Learn how to play using our video below.

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Ravine started as a university project in a CU Boulder game mechanics course. As a final project, students were challenged to develop a basic game prototype in a two-week sprint. The game was a hit, and became a staple at a weekly "Gaming Lunch" held between friends at a pub in downtown Boulder (it's not as nerdy as it sounds; we drink beer, play games, and occasionally talk game mechanics).A few months and many beers later, the project grew into a passion and a plan to take this game to the masses as one of Stellar Factory’s flagship games.
Publisher: Stellar Factory
Art & Production Design: Mathew Sisson
Original Concept: Daniel Rankin
Game Mechanic Support: Matt Bethancourt
Illustration: Dan Lehman
Layout & Graphic Design: Ryan Linstrom
Special Thanks: Kickstarter Backers

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Watch & Learn

Ravine is very easy to learn. You can get a game started in under 5 minutes. Watch our video to learn how to play.

House Rules

Enjoy these user-submitted House Rules to switch things up. Many of these haven’t been thoroughly playtested, however, that doesn’t mean they’re not fun to try! If you have a House Rule of your own, you can submit one below.

Forest Floor
Forage cards should be spread out all over the table like leaves on a forest floor. Everyone can easily Forage at the same time, rather than pull from a shuffled deck. Submitted by Dean L.
Zombie Mode
After a player dies, when any bone pile is found, the most recently dead player resurrects with a hunger for flesh... Submitted by David C.
Basket Burning
If you find yourself with no Wood, and want to build a fire, you can sacrifice a Basket in lieu of a Wood card. Submitted by David C.
Fibrous Fire
Players can use a Fiber card for a chance to build a Fire... Submitted by Nathan L.
Donner Party
If a player dies, the rest of the players may divide their Heart tokens among themselves... Submitted by David C.
Flight of the Phoenix
Same as normal rules, except there is no Rescue card... Submitted by David C.
2-Player Variant
For 2 players, each has 9 hearts instead of 6... Submitted by Chauncey M.
Competitive Play
In competitive play, each player is trying to outlive one another... Submitted by Jimmy B.
It's a trap!
When four bone pile cards are in play, the players may make a trap from the bones... Submitted by Jimmy B.
Stone Age
Stone can be thrown at any animal or human... Submitted by Ethan.
Any dead animal found during Foraging must be discarded after 2 nights due to the meat rotting. Submitted by Hannah R.
Give Blood
When a player dies, living players may choose to flip Hearts to revive the deceased... Submitted by Chris D.
Fishing Rod
1 Wood, 1 Fiber, and 1 Grub may be discarded for 3 Hearts... Submitted by Chris D.
Early Rescue
If you uncover The Rescue card early, you must have a flare gun or fire lit in order to be saved... Submitted by Ray J.
A Non-Player (Below 5 Players) Can start off with the Remaining 6 Heart Tokens and use them to trade with Players during the "Prepare Cycle"... Submitted by A.J HERNANDEZ
No Honor Amongst Thieves
Players are allowed to steal from other players... Submitted by Richard T. JR.
Huge Basket
Baskets double carrying capacity... Submitted by Richard T. JR.
Bone Madness
When any player draws a bone card they also draw a madness card. Submitted by Ryan Duffin
Lean To Shelter
4 Stone and 3 Wood create a lean-to shelter for up to 2 people. Submitted by Kathy Swenson
Signal Fire
Walk to the beach to light a signal fire... Submitted by Paul Geary
When a fire is currently lit, any meat cards available for use may be cooked to restore 1 extra heart. Submitted by Rowan Ramsey
Nothing Goes To Waste
When a player dies, they may be eaten by another player... Submitted by Jack L.
Night Forage
If the night card has no repercussions you may forage... Submitted by Jasper L.
Same as normal rules except you can build a crate from 6 wood to protect all collected items... Submitted by Jasper L.
Flint Stones
If you do not have wood for a fire, player may throw up two stone cards to try and start a fire. If both land face up, the players are successful and the fire is started. - Submitted by Justin Hierholzer.
Competitive Play: Death Seeker
One player is chosen secretly to be the death seeker. While living, they cannot reveal their identity to anyone. They win if everyone at the table dies before rescue, or if they are the last one alive. The entire group has a choice throughout the game. They may continue the game as usual, or they may hold votes before drawing a night card about who they think is the death seeker. There are two types of votes, execution or intervention. Execution vote: The player most voted is dead, guilty or innocent. Should this vote ever be used, the rest of the party must have two players living to win the game. A good way to get rid of that thorn-in-your-side death seeker, or alternatively, that player who keeps accusing you and messing up your plans. Intervention vote: Two heart tokens are randomly flipped, one publicly, one in secret by the person voted most likely to be death seeker (now called the accused). Pubic flip: If the heart is full, no effect. If empty, the main accuser (chosen by the accused) must draw a madness card. The effect on the accused is determined by the position of both hearts. If they are both full, the accused (innocent or death seeker), must now give someone a hug or genuine compliment. If they were the death seeker, they're no longer a death seeker. If they were innocent, no effect. If one is full, and one is empty, there's no effect on the accused, innocent or death seeker. They remain whatever they were before the intervention. If they really want to give a hug or compliment, though, they still can! If both are empty, wow, you're really pissed off. The player is now a death seeker, regardless of their previous status. Dead players are allowed to call a vote and vote in it-- so long as they aren't dead because they were executed. Executed players have no voting rights, though they can still loudly suggest a vote as much as they want. If either vote is called and a majority is not reached, a random heart token is flipped. Heart full: no effect. Heart empty: Everyone loses a forage or heart due to the stress. Final consideration: If the death seeker is the last one alive, and no execution vote was ever used, technically, everyone at the table wins. The death seeker might be called a jerk, but hey! Someone survived, and all's well that ends well, right? - Submitted by Madi X
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Can a player have more than 1 active Madness Card?
Yes, players can have multiple Madness cards in play until they resolve them.
Do cards that destroy shelters also destroy Wreckage card reusable shelters?
No, they do not.
Do you have to Forage on your turn?
No, you may choose to stay at camp.
Can you give someone a Spear or any other weapon when being attacked while Foraging?
No, you must have the weapon in your hand before you Forage to be able to protect yourself.
If you come across a Mushroom, Moose, or any other "Uh-oh" card, do you need to play it immediately?
Yes, as soon as you realize you have any of those cards in your hand, you must do as the card says.
Can "The Cave" get destroyed?
No, The Cave cannot be destroyed, it's permanent shelter throughout the game.
How do I make the game even harder?
To make Ravine even harder you can increase the number of Nights, reduce the number of Heart tokens you start with (5 rather than 6), and/or remove The Cave, The Deer, and The Score Night cards from the deck entirely.
Is there somewhere I can find a breakdown of all the cards in the game?
Yes, you can find a spreadsheet here: Card Breakdown Spreadsheet.
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